At Primary Care Center, our board-certified physicians offer rehabilitation services for work-related injuries. Our doctors will work together with the injured worker and employer to assist the injured worker to return to or remain at work following an injury. Left untreated, soft tissue damage can result in severe disability. Early diagnosis and treatment, coupled with removal from the environmental factors that caused the injury is essential. An employee can tell you the signs and symptoms, however, since pain is a relative measure, a qualified physician is needed to form a diagnosis and plan for recovery. Initial examinations of an employee complaining of pain, numbness, and loss of strength provides the physician information helpful in determining a diagnostic course of action. Some injuries may require invasive surgery to correct. Along with diagnosis and treatment, the physician may prescribe medication for pain and inflammation. After a short rest period, generally 2 days to a week, the physician may prescribe therapy by a licensed physical therapist. The goals of physical therapy are to reduce swelling, regain strength, stability and range of motion of the affected joints and muscle groups.