School Physicals

If you do need a school physical here's what to expect:

  • Most schools will provide you with a form to be completed by your doctor. There is also a portion of the form that needs to be completed by you and /or your parents. Your parents usually need to sign the form.
  • Schedule your appointment in enough time before school starts so that in case there is something that your doctor needs to follow-up on you will have enough time.
  • When you go to your appointment make sure that although your parent will probably be with you for part of the appointment, you should have time alone with your doctor in order to discuss any issues that you may not feel completely comfortable asking in front of your parents. ( This is usual and standard treatment, so don't feel as if you are doing something weird by asking for this time alone.)
  • Your doctor will start by asking you a number of questions about your past medical history and then about how you are feeling now. Questions about sexual history and drug use should also be asked. It's very important for you to be honest with your doctor about these sensitive issues, even though it may be uncomfortable. Your doctor is also required to keep things confidential. He or she may suggest that you get your parents involved if there is a troublesome situation.
  • The next step is usually the physical examination. This will be similar to the sports physical.
  • You will also be assessed for sexual maturation, and should be told if you are maturing normally.
  • After your physical, your doctor will review your chart to see if you need any immunizations such as a tetanus booster shot or a second measles shot or the relatively new hepatitis B vaccine.
  • Again, when your physical is completed take the time to ask your doctor any questions that you may have about your health!