Sports Physicals

Most, sports require a sports physical once a year prior to playing. Some may require a physical for each sport even if it's still in the same year. (Ex. football in the fall and baseball in the spring)

The reason why the school requires this exam is because sometimes bad things do happen to teenagers even at a young age. Most of the time if you're able to detect something early enough you can treat it and live a healthy life.

Usually, the school will give you a form to bring to the doctor to have completed. This varies from long complicated forms to very simple forms. In any case, make sure to fill out your part of the form and bring it to your doctor.

The Primary Care Center Sports Physical is a specialized, focused health assessment, which screens for orthopedic or medical problems that may compromise the athlete's ability to compete safely. The sports physical is not meant to be a substitute for a more comprehensive health maintenance evaluation.